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What good comes from feeling sorry for yourself?

In my case, a new Tarot deck and feeling sorry for myself led to something good. Several somethings actually.

One of my newest passions besides new tarot decks is jewelry created by a Sabika jewelry artist. My recent sojourn into this passion saw me purchasing a pair of earrings made from Swarovski buttons. Damn I loved those earrings, and one of them was lost. I was feeling very sorry for myself and turned to my new tarot deck to distract me.

The new tarot deck was Radiant Wilds, by Nat Girsberger which I bought at Motorco Music Hall during their Winter Solstice Market. It’s a beautiful deck that makes me really work at my reading skills. I love the colors and was going to try a new Full Moon in Cancer spread I saw from the New Age Hipster on their Facebook page. Being in a very lazy mode, I was going to find something black to lay across a tv tray to take a picture of the spread and allow myself the gift of extended time to think it through, analyze the message. I reached for an old hoodie hanging on the back of my recliner and draped it over the tray – up until then I forgot the back was not totally black but had the logo of a large crab on it from one of my favorite places in Virginia Beach- Margie & Rays Crab House. I love that place, and all of it’s merch. I laid the spread out on the back of the hoodie, took the obligatory pictures and started to journal my analysis. The deck is not as easy for me to read as the RWS deck, but I forged ahead.

Later that night, as I prepped for bed I spied the lone button earring on the top of my jewelry box and felt sad and frustrated anew. I loved those earrings and had them with me all throughout my long trip through Australia and Hawaii not once losing one. I had tried religiously to find it when I first noticed one was missing upon unpacking. I scoured the clothes to make sure it had not gotten hooked up on anything; I crawled around on the floor of my closet to see if it had dropped out; I searched the washer and dryer for any sign of having missed it somehow. Nothing. It was maddening.

The following morning, I was determined to try one more time to see if it had somehow just reappeared on its own. No luck. I was feeling sorry for myself as those were not cheap earrings. To cheer myself up I decided to create my very first tarot video to be posted to my Facebook account. To do this well, I needed to wear my contact lenses. I shooshed up my hair and decided to wear a little makeup. To wear my makeup I had to unload it all from the pouch in which it was stored. Now that pouch did not travel to Australia or Hawaii with me. It only went with me for the tail end of the trip when I drove to NY to hang out with my sons for Christmas. You guessed it, that earring was at the bottom of that pouch minding it’s own business. What a relief.

Now I’m not saying that reading tarot led me to the lost earring, but feeling sorry for myself made me put on my big girl panties and actually begin making some videos of tarot. I’ve been planning on leading my tarot business in that direction for over a year and this little pity party made me actually take some action. Is that video completed you ask? Well, not really- but I’ve also been meaning to write this blog for quite some time and look what feeling sorry for myself and a new tarot deck have helped me accomplish-my first blog.

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