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A Unique Empathic Tarot Reader

I believe in spirits, angels, and guidance from the universe. In my eyes, all people have the power to improve their lives, all they need to do is harness the energy; see the energy that currently surrounds them and take action. I  have  been tapping into the Divine energy for my clients, providing them with clarity, options and insight.  I am pleased to do the same for you. Get in contact with me today to see how we can begin working together.

Image by Edz Norton
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“Tarot doesn`t predict the future. Tarot facilitates it.”

― Philippe St Genoux

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Jennifer S

I appreciate Maryanne’s compassion and kindness and her thoughtfulness and thoroughness. I appreciated that when she had a clarifying question she asked and this made the reading even much better. Her encouragement and her explanation were wonderful.

Many thanks!   

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Marta F

I've had cards done before. But not like this. This was crazy good. I'll go again.

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Angela M

I had MaryAnne come to my salon for an evening of relaxation and reward for my staff. She read for each stylist and let me say they ALL were impressed and pleased. MaryAnne tapped into the soul of each question asked. She helped them reword, re phrase or even ask a different question after talking to them. If you want something extra special for your staff give her a try, you won't be sorry.

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Stephanie G

Amazing insight! If I believed in mind reading, I would have thought that was what Maryanne was doing. I was assured that it was in the cards and the cards don't lie!

"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

- Marcus Aurelius

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