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About Maryanne


Her Origin

She goes by her first name since leaving the United States Air Force, where she was known by her last name and the last four digits of her social security number. How soul-affirming is that?

She has two major life goals: to read everything ever written and to meet everyone ever born. She acknowledges that neither of these goals can be achieved directly, but through her life as a Tarosophist, she has certainly engaged in reading some very interesting things and met some extraordinary people.

Haus of Tarot came into being when she decided to NOT be a magician anymore. Her partner in magic came to her one day and suggested doing a card trick using tarot cards. She took the deck of cards, the first time touching a deck, into her hands and felt an immediate connection that was nearly electric. She knew then and there that doing a "trick" with the tarot was just wrong - thus began her studies.

Image by Susanna Marsiglia
Image by I Do Nothing But Love

Her Tarot Journey

She read as much as she could find on being a Tarot reader. She joined classes virtually and in person, went to conventions and conferences, and even hired a Tarot coach to help her illuminate her path. Now, she feels the need to share what she has learned with others. She firmly believes that the answer to internal questions about oneself can be found within, and that Tarot is a fantastic tool for "digging" out a path to natural understanding.

She has a background in teaching. She worked as a daycare owner and then as a middle school/high school teacher. Her educational background includes a variety of higher education degrees, providing her with even more opportunities to meet people and read books. Through all of this, she has come to trust her own intuition.

Image by petr sidorov


Explore your inner archetype through exploration of the tarot

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